Uganda To Pass "Kill The Gays" Law

Uganda is set to pass their "kill the gays" law that would criminalize homosexuality with life imprisonment for some offenders and death for others.

While gay rights advocates had many reasons to celebrate in last week’s U.S. election, the news is not nearly so rosy across the Atlantic. Uganda is set to pass what has come to be known as their “Kill the Gays” bill, which would result in life imprisonment for same-sex sexual acts and being in a gay relationship. “Aggravated homosexuality” which includes gay acts by parents, authority figures, HIV-positive people, pedophiles and repeat offenders will be punishable by death.

Ugandan Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said that the Kill the Gays bill will become law before the new year, and referred to it as a “Christmas gift to the population.” Uganda has a large Christian population who see homosexuality as a threat and have pushed for the inhumane kill the gays bill.

There has been wide international outcry against the Kill the Gays bill. President Obama called the Kill the Gays bill “odious.” Here is a small sampling from twitter. Many people had their faith in humanity undone:

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