UK Family Killed In Pakistan Graveyard Massacre

"Gunmen shot dead a British couple and their daughter in Pakistan's eastern town of Gujrat as the family came to the country to attend the wedding of a relative, police officials said on Friday. The incident took place at a graveyard in Gujrat's Marian village, where the British nationals visited to pay their respects at the grave of their relative on Thursday. Police identified the deceased as Mohammad Yousaf, his wife Pervaiz and their 22-year-old daughter Tanya, from Nelson in Lancashire, northwest England. This incident happened due to an old family feud, said Tariq Qureshi, Gujrat's top police officer. Five gunmen holding AK 47 rifles attacked the couple and their daughter when they were leaving the graveyard, killing all of them in indiscriminate firing. One of the gunmen also got killed and one was arrested, but three others escaped. "

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