UK Far-Right Group Boasts Tea Party Links

(CNN) If you believe the mood music, the Tea Party's rise may mark a political watershed in the U.S.

The conservative grassroots movement, which has capitalized on right-wing frustration with Barack Obama's administration and the political establishment, is already shaping the agenda of American politics.

Tuesday's midterm elections could herald its arrival on Capitol Hill with Tea Party candidates such Rand Paul, Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell, having beaten more moderate Republicans in earlier primaries, all seeking election to the Senate.

But while the Tea Party's fiscal and social conservatism has chimed a populist chord with a growing army of American supporters, its popularity risks being hijacked by far-right groups in Europe with a more extremist agenda.

At a rally outside the Israeli Embassy in London on October 24, supporters of the English Defence League march through the streets waving union flags and the red and white cross of St. George, chanting: "I'm England 'til I die!"