British Man Launches Crowdfunding Bid To Bail Out Greece

Fed up with “dithering” politicians, a British shoe shop employee launched an online crowdfunding project to help Greece pays its IMF debt.

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While the Greek government is in disarray over one of the greatest financial crises in the history, a 29-year-old shoe shop employee from Yorkshire, London, has come up with an incredible – and seemingly a little impractical – solution to help Greece pay its International Monetary Fund debt.

Thom Feeney, who has no personal links to Greece but wants to help out Greek people in a time of hardship, has launched an online crowdfunding campaign Greek Bailout Fund to raise money to meet the now-expired repayment deadline.

“Watching politicians going round in circles and dithering somewhat with making a decision on Greece, I just thought, I think it just needs someone to step in and sort it,” he said. “I think the people of Europe can do that much quicker than the politicians can ... The amount that we need per person is only 3.19 euros per citizen of the EU, so it's just a small amount.”

So far, the campaign has raised a little over $576,634 of the required goal of $1,782,184,000 – and even though Greece has run out of its bailout time, people around the world can still contribute to help the austerity-stricken Greek public during the economic doldrums.

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“I can understand why people might take it as a joke, but crowdfunding can really help because it's just a case of getting on and doing it,” Feeney wrote on the campaign page. “I just thought, sod it, I'll have a crack.”

Even though the project raised such a massive amount in an incredibly short time, it is like a drop of water in a bucket – at least for the Greek debt. However, Feeney is quite optimistic about the whole thing.

“I think it will be a victory for people power. Yes, it's a tall order but I truly believe it can be effective,” the 29-year-old explained.

The general response toward this project has been pretty great, and since most of the donations came from non-EU countries, it shows that people do care about happens to people on the other side of the world. Also, the site went down for several hours on Wednesday morning due to what IndieGoGo described as "overwhelming worldwide interest" in the campaign.

Meanwhile, if the target is not reached within seven days under the terms of the crowdfunding site, the donations will be refunded. However, Feeney hopes the money can still be put to good use if the contributors are willing.

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