UK To Ban Internet Pornography, Is America Next?

Soon, UK residents will receive no search results when searching for pornographic material.

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced recently that UK households will have their access to pornography blocked by their internet providers unless they specifically request access for porn. This controversial act of censorship stems from David Cameron’s belief that online pornography is “corroding childhood”.

This new law will force UK internet providers to restrict search access to pornographic terms. Soon, UK residents will receive no search results when searching for pornographic material. Cameron claims that this law will force internet providers to protect the public. Cameron states that UK internet providers are "not doing enough to take responsibility," in upholding their “moral duty” to citizens in the UK.

In accordance to the new law, content filters will become standard for all internet users in the UK. It will be up to the head of the household to actively refuse the content filter before pornographic material will become available. These restrictions would apply to both public and private Wi-Fi networks across the country. The UK’s largest internet providers have already accepted the new law, meaning 95% of UK homes will soon have their internet filtered.

Along with the ban on porn, the new UK law will institute stronger measures to find and eliminate child pornography. Similarly, porn depicting rape –staged or not- will soon become illegal to view or own in the UK.

This controversial decision has received praise from women and children’s rights groups; however, a backlash from porn viewers and those supporting an uncensored internet is nearly guaranteed to start soon.

American officials have not commented on the UK’s new porn ban, but if this ban works for the UK, it is possible a similar ban could be implemented in the US. Will America ban porn? The answer is still unknown.

What do you think of this controversial UK ban on pornography? Do young people need protection from the harms of online porn? Or is this an unnecessary act of censorship that will force adults to embarrassingly ask their internet provider to turn back on their porn?

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