These Universities Are Trying To Control Terrorism In The Most Ridiculous Way

They fear that foreign students might learn how to make nuclear and chemical weapons through advanced courses.

Foreign students banned from UK university science courses to control terrorism

Universities in the United Kingdom are adopting some new, ridiculous measures to control terrorism in the country.

These institutions have reportedly banned foreign students from taking advanced science courses and learning about nuclear, biological and chemical warfare over concerns that they might develop weapons of mass destruction.

Under the Academic Technology Approval Scheme – launched by the government in 2007 to examine students outside the EU when they apply for advanced science courses – some 739 international students are barred from enrolling in certain university courses over fears that these foreign students may organize terrorist attacks.

Universities’ anti-terrorism measures are so absurd that even the chairman of the Committee on Arms Exports Controls, Sir John Stanley, believes that "the fact 739 students have had to be barred indicates this is grounds for serious concern.”

The U.K. isn't along in this overreaction to foreign students. The University of Massachusetts sparked a debate over its decision to bar Iranian students from science programs, using a similar rationale. 

Whether students really use these advanced science courses to partake in terrorism or not, these actions are definitely discriminatory against non-EU citizens.

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