What Happens To Zoo Animals During A War? Ukraine Is Finding Out And It's Heart-Breaking.

The crisis in Ukraine could decimate 6,000 zoo animals very soon.

What happens to zoo animals caught in the middle of warfare? 

It may sound like a frivolous question when human lives are at stake. But when battles hit city streets, it also can mean a devastating end to the zoo animals dependent on their human caretakers. 

It's happening again in Ukraine, where ongoing conflicts and protests are threatening the Nikolaev Zoo's 6,000 animals. Big cats, monkeys, elephants and many other animals are on the "verge of starvation," the zoo director pleaded, according to The Telegraph.

War hits zoo animals in every possible way, from the threat of violence to keeping staff away to plummeting attendance that saps money needed to feed and care for the animals. And unfortunately, there's nothing new about animals suffering from humans at war.

Christiane Amanpour took viewers into the fray during the Bosnian war 22 years ago. As battles raged, Sarajevo's zoo became a no man's land. Desperate zoo keepers were turned away -- one was even killed -- trying to care for the animals. 

Amanpour's heartbreaking video shows what human destruction does to those who can't save themselves.


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