The Entire Ukrainian Government Gone In A Flash

Ukraine loses its prime minister and a controversial anti-protest law.

Ukraine loses its prime minister and a controversial anti-protest law.

In an attempt to help find a peaceful solution to ongoing unrest, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov offered to resign on Tuesday.

Under the constitution, the departure of the prime minister means the resignation of the entire government -- which some protesters wanted.

"I think that the will of the people will be to replace all those in power, then people would definitely leave the streets, destroy all these barricades and bring Kiev back to order. People want all those in power all over the country to be replaced," Kiev citizen, Volodimyr said.

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"My personal opinion is that this government is incapable of being honest, and they have proven it on multiple occasions. There has never been a government that would so blatantly lie to its people and not value its people," the protester said. 

Azarov announced his decision as parliament voted to repeal an anti-protest law enacted last week.

That law spurred violent demonstrations throughout Kiev and the rest of the country in which six people have been killed.

From behind massive barricades that have been a mainstay in recent weeks, protesters are not impressed.

Originally intended as a protest against President Viktor Yanukovich's u-turn on an economic deal, the demonstrations turned against misrule and corruption in the government.

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