Ultra-Small Is Beautiful For Japanese Homeowner

(CNN) Fuyuhito Moriya is 39 and still lives with his mother, but in circumstances you would call a tad unusual.

Moriya, an unmarried man, and his mother, Yoko, live in a house that's built on 30 square meters, that's the same as the size of a parking space for one car.

They live in what's called an ultra-small house, a genre of single family homes bred of Japan's economic stagnation and brought to life by architectural ingenuity.

Moriya wasn't sure that the land, which was originally sold as a parking space for a car, would be big enough for a single family home. But when he started doing research into ultra-small homes, he began to realize it might work.

"My imagination was that it should be doable to build the rooms virtually on top of each other instead of side by side," says Moriya. "So I thought that it might be possible, but I wasn't really sure if it's actually possible."

Standing in his home, which is about the size of an American walk-in closet, Moriya triumphantly says it's not just possible, it's livable.