North Korea Has The Worst Plan Ever To Defend Its "Advantageous" Human Rights System In Front Of UN

North Korea strikes again. An important United Nations panel voted decisively this week for a resolution that condemned human rights atrocities in North Korea.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

More importantly, it was the first time a UN resolution recommended the prosecution of its leaders, including Kim Jong Un, for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

The question is: Will North Korea agree to it?

Obviously, it won't.

The hermit kingdom’s government doesn’t think it has a human rights problem in the first place. In fact, North Korean authorities believe they have administered an “advantageous” human rights system.

Second, Pyongyang has a rather unusual strategy to defend its self-proclaimed advantageous human rights structure. They have threatened to conduct yet another nuclear missile test as a response to the U.N. vote – which is certainly not the best way to convince anyone of your innocence.

But try telling that to the North Korean leadership.

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Angry North Korean representatives at the General Assembly committee called the UN resolution an evil plot to destabilize the country by its enemy countries, notably the United States – saying North Korea might conduct more nuclear weapons tests to defend itself.

"The outrageous and unreasonable human rights campaign staged by the United States and its followers in their attempts to eliminate the state and social system of (North Korea) is compelling us not to refrain any further from conducting nuclear tests," Choe Myong Nam, a foreign ministry advisor, stated.

Here’s the thing: If North Korea really wants the world to believe it is a country that respects human rights, then maybe it’s time for Pyongyang to come up with an argument that involves a little more evidence and a lot less nuclear strikes.

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