UN Reviews Security After Pakistani Taliban 'Threat'

"A US official said militants planned to attack foreigners delivering aid to the millions of people affected by the devastating floods in the country. One Taliban spokesman told Associated Press that the presence of foreign aid workers was ""unacceptable"". However, there have been no attacks since the humanitarian crisis unfolded. The UN says more than 17 million people have been affected by the floods, and about 1.2 million homes have been destroyed, leaving five million people homeless. As floods sweep down from the north, water has been breaching embankments and threatening residents. One breach occurred in the Kot Almo area in Sindh province, forcing thousands of people in the southern Thatta district to flee from their homes. Further downstream, about 400,000 people have been told to evacuate the towns of Sujawal, Mir Pur Batoro and Daro."