Israeli Men Disguised As Stone-Throwers Attack Palestinian Protesters

At least two Palestinian stone-throwers were shot at point-blank range by plainclothes shooters working closely with the Israeli military.

As a group of Palestinian protesters threw stones at Israeli security forces in Ramallah, several fellow demonstrators suddenly drew weapons.

IDF soldiers immediately joined the gunmen and together they opened fire at the Palestinian protesters and began arresting them.

A Reuters correspondent filmed the incident and posted:

The incident came almost a month after Israel’s Security Cabinet unanimously voted to approve harsher punishments for protesters throwing rocks, firebombs and fireworks. Under the new law, offenders can be “sentenced up to 20 years in jail for throwing a rock at a vehicle with the intent of causing bodily harm and 10 years in prison if intent was not proven.”

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The Israeli military has not yet confirmed if the armed men disguised as stone-throwers are formally affiliated with its security forces, however, the video (posted above) shows them working together.

Another video released by AFP news agency shows an Israeli undercover agent firing a pistol into the leg of a Palestinian at point blank range.

Apart from the two men shot, 18 other Palestinian protesters sustained injuries from rubber-coated steel bullets during the clash, according to the Palestinian news agency Ma’an.

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Violence recently escalated in the West Bank and Jerusalem after Israelis were stabbed in two separate attacks and a Palestinian boy was killed in clashes with IDF forces. Five Palestinians and four Israelis have been killed in the past week.

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