Unfortunate incidents probed at Iran university amid crackdown

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iran said Wednesday it is investigating reports of violence at a Tehran University dormitory in the wake of rallies sparked by last weeks disputed election. Tehran University students told a CNN iReporter that government forces staged a massive crackdown early Monday at the universitys dorm. Some students were detained in the raid. Students jumped out of windows to escape the Iranian police forces who threw tear gas and beat students, according to the iReporter, a former Tehran University student who now lives outside Iran. He did not want to be identified for security reasons. CNN has been unable to confirm the account because of restrictions on international media in Tehran. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani on Wednesday called for an "unbiased report" by the team of lawmakers appointed to look into the "unfortunate incidents" at the university dorm, according to Irans government-funded Press TV. "There has been news of unfortunate incidents taking place in