United Passengers Endure A 20-Hour Layover While Crew Stays In Hotels

"No United representative ever reached out to anybody," one passenger accuses.

United Airlines flight, Flight UA958

Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight from Chicago to London say they were made to endure what is now being called a “layover from hell.”

Flight UA958 made an emergency stop at Goose Bay, Canada, where they were put up in barracks for more than 20 hours at a military facility after a maintenance issue grounded their flight.

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According to screen captures by the Daily Mail, when another passenger tweeted at United Airlines asking why the crew stayed in a hotel while passengers were “stranded” in the barracks ... 

Flight UA958

 ... United gave the following reply:

The passenger, Bill Turner, aka @SurrogateNerd, has a private Twitter account – tweets will not be available to public.

"Once we landed there was nobody at all from United Airlines to be seen anywhere," passenger Lisa Wan told NBC News when she landed in London, 48 hours after her trip began. "No United representative ever reached out to anybody – no phone calls, no human beings, nothing. Nobody had any idea what was going on."

The passengers were eventually flown to Newark, New Jersey, late Saturday, almost 20 hours later, and departed for London from there. United later issued an apology:

“We apologize to our customers for the disruption, and we recognize this was a considerable inconvenience, so we will be refunding their tickets to London and providing additional compensation,” said Mary Ryan, a United spokeswoman.

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