This Unique Church Of Bacon Is Sizzling Against Bank’s Discrimination

This real, legal church has more than 4,000 members worldwide.

There is an actual church in the Unites States where people claim Bacon as their god and get their weddings officiated by a Bacon priest. Set up by atheists, this church is all about fighting the discrimination against non-believers and even has its own set of Bacon commandments. In addition to that, they are also trying to win acceptance for atheists in the U.S.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this 5-year-old congregation is known as “The United Church of Bacon” and currently has more than 4,000 members worldwide – with almost 500 of them based in the city.

However, some people are reportedly discriminating against these Bacon worshippers.

As it turns out, Wells Fargo Bank refuses to notarize a state affidavit that one of the congregants needed to officiate marriages. The founder of the church believes that the administration didn’t notarize the document because of “discrimination against those who don’t believe in God.”

“We’re not immoral. We’re not un-American,” said John Whiteside, the founder of the church who was also a Marine veteran during the first Gulf War. “That’s what we’re trying to get corrected.”

To protest their alleged prejudiced policies, so far three people have closed out their accounts at Wells Fargo Bank.

The bank officials, on the other hand, insist they're no Bacon haters.

“Wells Fargo believes discrimination of any kind and against any group or customer base is wrong and we categorically deny the claims brought forth by Mr. Whiteside,” the company said in a statement. “We have a long history of supporting and serving the needs of a widely diverse customer base in Nevada and throughout the country. We regret that this organization and Mr. Whiteside have decided to target Wells Fargo as a means to further their agenda.”

Meanwhile, the churchgoers are planning to hold more demonstrations against the bank.

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