We Have Been Silently Watching The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis Of Our Era

September 02, 2014: Syria has been called the “biggest humanitarian emergency of our era”.


Last July, the United Nations declared the situation in Syria “the worst humanitarian crisis in nearly 20 years.”

In December, the heads of the United Nations and European Union aid agencies called the civil war-torn country the "greatest humanitarian tragedy of our times.”

Almost eight month later, the situation has only worsened and the UN has yet again stated that the conflict in Syria is the "biggest humanitarian emergency of our era,” raising the question whether the world is doing enough to solve the three-year-old crisis.

The UN Refugee Agency said in a statement that almost half of all Syrian citizens have been forced to flee their homes due to endemic violence and brutal suppression by both militant and government forces.

The depressing news comes just four days after it was revealed that the civil war in Syria – between rebel forces and President Bashar al Assad’s army – has forced more than three million people to flee the country, an increase of one million in the past year alone.

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Syria is the only Arab state where the mass protests against the government escalated into civil war during the Arab Spring.

Over the course of three years, it turned into what has become the worst humanitarian crisis in modern times and even more horrifying is the fact that the world community has not been able to do much to put an end to the miseries of the affected people.

In fact, amid the Gaza-Israel conflict and Islamic State insurgency in Iraq, Syria seems to have been forgotten.

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While the Israel Defense Forces were combating Hamas militants and carrying out atrocities against Palestinian civilians, Syria experienced the bloodiest two days of fighting in the course of its three-year-old civil war in July.

More than 700 people were reportedly killed in fighting between the government forces and rebels loyal to the radical ISIS militants.

While the death toll varies between 118,500 and 180,215, the UN put out an estimate of over 191,000 fatalities on August 22, 2014.

According to different estimates the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Syria is up to 6.5 million while almost 10.8 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The number of children affected is approximately 5.5 million.

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The number of refugees has risen above three million – with more than a million people having fled in the last 12 months alone, according to The New York Times.

Almost all the refugee camps – such as the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, Zaatari Camp In Jordan and Yarmouk in Syria – are unsafe for the destitute inhabitants.

Problems such as impoverishment, poor sanitation, prostitution and child abuse are worsening living conditions by the day.

"The Syrian crisis has become the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era, yet the world is failing to meet the needs of refugees and the countries hosting them," said Antonio Guterres, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, in a statement.

Maybe it’s time the world did more than just condemning the crisis.

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