Obama Is Just Like Hitler – According To This Republican Congressman

He went there "for all the wrong reasons." U.S President Barack Obama is being slammed by media and public alike for not attending the Paris Unity March held in the wake of terrorist attacks in the city last week.

The White House cited "security needs" as the reason behind Obama and other senior U.S. officials’ absence from the event, but some people are still ranting on about it.

Republican U.S. Congressman Randy Weber also participated in the debate and condemned Obama for not showing up by drawing a ridiculous analogy.

Yes, he compared U.S. president with none other than Adolf Hitler – and this is not the first time the Texas congressman has used an outrageous analogy to describe Obama. Last year, Weber called him a "socialistic dictator," and "kommandant-in-chef," though he probably meant "chief." 

Whether people agree or not, this congressman does have a sense of humor, albeit sometimes grossly inappropriate.

The United States was represented at the Unity March by its ambassador to France, Jane Hartly. It was headed by French President Francois Hollande and 44 foreign dignitaries, including Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, among others. More than a million people attended the event.

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