This Republican Senator Thinks Hand-Washing Is Not That Important

Politics is a dirty game because some politicians don’t think hygiene is important!

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A North Carolina Senator, Thom Tillis doesn’t believe that people who work in the food service industry have a social responsibility to wash their hands – much less that the state should enforce legal jurisdiction for businesses to implement such regulations.

He simply doesn’t think hand-washing should be an obligation by law.

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Why? Because he believes that the “market” will take care of it by itself. Tillis believes that if there’s a sign that states that the people who serve food aren’t washing their hands, people aren’t going to eat at that restaurant. But if history is any indication, people don’t pay much attention to signs.

This information came out when the Republican senator took part in a question-and-answer event hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Tillis referenced a cute little story about visiting Starbucks many years ago to make his point that when it comes to matters pertaining to maintaining a healthy hygiene in the service industry, or more specifically of hand-washing, that businesses should “get to make that decision versus government.”

Earlier, in his race for senate, an 8-year-old girl wrote to him asking “why aren’t you talking about ways that you will help us?” She did so because she thought his campaign was more about smearing his opponent than actually addressing the real issues.

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His ideology about hand-washing happens to come at a time when the U.S. is struggling with a rather bizarre health concern.

It’s good to know that politicians, at least some of them, completely endorse the idea that politics is a dirty game. Wash, whoops, WATCH the video below to see exactly what the senator said.

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