University Of Delaware Just Cut A Check For Students To Buy Bullets

The University of Delaware gave a student-run gun advocacy group money to buy bullets to teach members "how to load, shoot and aim a firearm."

When you think of student-run organizations on University campuses you probably think of student government, cultural enrichment clubs, fraternities and sororities … But a school gun advocacy group probably wouldn’t come to mind immediately.

However, such clubs do exist and the “Students for the Second Amendment Club” at the University of Delaware actually got their school to PAY for their bullets.

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University Of Delaware

It is common knowledge that student organizations can request funds from their school for activities and other necessary materials, but it just so happened that what this group needed most was some ammo. 

“Within our club’s constitution, it says to teach students responsible firearm ownership and we have to do this by learning how to load, shoot and aim a firearm,” club president Tyler Yzaguirre reportedly told Delaware Online. “One of the components of that is buying ammunition.”

The university was reportedly “hesitant” upon receiving the club’s request, but after reviewing the official rules they were left with little choice but to cut the $500 check.

“The University of Delaware’s Allocation Board maintains a procedure for funding its 350-plus registered student organizations,” university spokeswoman Andrea Boyle Tippett reportedly said in a statement. “The Students for the Second Amendment group followed the proper procedure; the Allocation Board reviewed the request and determined it met the necessary criteria for funding.”

The money will be used to purchase 9mm 223’s — bullets that can be used with AR-15 rifles — according to Yzaguirre. The club apparently goes on group outings to the local gun range, as neither firearms nor bullets are allowed on campus.

In addition to exercising their "right to bear arms" at the shooting range, the group also advocates for a change of the university's policy against storing ammunition on campus.

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“Why should students need to keep their ammunition somewhere else when they want to go to the firing range?” he said. “People don’t understand: ammunition is useless without a firearm and some nut isn’t going to come on campus looking in college dorms for ammunition.”

Oh sure … just like “some nut” wouldn’t shoot up a center for people with disabilities or an elementary school, of all places. Just like “some nut” wouldn’t shoot people dead during a live news broadcast.

The key word is “nut.” One cannot be so arrogant as to try to predict what someone over the edge will or won't do. 

If the university was to relax its restrictions and word got out that firearms and ammunition were allowed on campus, it would be no surprise if “some nut” went in and raided that campus to come out with some free goodies.

Of course, none of that really matters because … Second Amendment! 

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