Students Fight For Free College With #MillionStudentMarch

Students in over a hundred campuses are fighting for free tuition.

million student march

The grassroots energy stemming from recent student demonstrations in the University of Missouri, Yale, and Ithaca College is catching like fire—today, thousands of students across the nation are participating in the Million Student March, a protest targeting exorbitant tuition, eliminating student debt, and raising the campus minimum wage.

Students in over a hundred campuses across the U.S. are clamoring for changes to the university system, specifying free tuition, a campus minimum wage of $15, and the dissolution of current student debt.

The march is actually most inspired by millenial favorite Bernie Sanders and his campaign. Sanders stated in an interview in June that, “If a million young people march on Washington they [say] to the Republican leadership, we know what’s going on, and you better vote to deal with student debt. You better vote to make public universities and colleges tuition free, that’s when it will happen.”

This is what the students are aiming for—engaging millions of their peers to promote the causes they believe in, thus forcing politicians and officials to respond.

Hundreds of students at 100+ universities are currently walking out of their classrooms, chanting “Fees must fall” and “This is what democracy looks like.” The schools with the most notable momentum so far are the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Texas State University.

Organized solely through social media, if successful, this demonstration has the ability to prove the power students and young people wield; they are capable of enacting tremendous change and allowing their voices to triumph.

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