Unreal Footage As Syrian Rebels Blow Up Army Base In Massive Explosion

Syrian rebels are increasingly turning to guerrilla tactics in their fight against Bashar al-Assad's government.

As the violence in Syria rages on, rebel forces struck another blow against the government by detonating a 60-ton bomb below an army base, according to reports.

Video of the massive explosion shows an obliteration of the government stronghold. Rebel leaders say they used a tunnel more than a half-mile long to pack explosives below the Wadi al-Deif base, according to Reuters.

Syria's devastating civil war has raged for years, pitting government forces representing President Bashar al-Assad against rebel fighters. Reuters reports the rebels have stepped up guerrilla attacks against army strongholds, including the base and a hotel base where government fighters stay.

Control of strategic locations has volleyed between the sides since the civil war evolved from a peaceful Arab Spring protest movement in 2011.

But it's the civilians who are paying the true price. An estimated 200 people are killed every day, with about 150,000 killed overall, and 2.7 million people -- an astounding 12 percent of Syria's population -- are refugees from the fighting.

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