The U.S. Navy Has A Giant Laser Gun Deployed In The Persian Gulf

In all seriousness, this laser gun is super powerful, super cool, also super destructive.

Check out the United States Navy’s latest toy: the LaWS, which is short for laser weapon system.

Yes, believe it or not, sitting upon a ship is a giant laser, which can seek and destroy. It was installed over the summer, but had only just been deployed for the first time on board the Ponce in one of the U.S.’s many bases around the world: The Persian Gulf.

“It’s almost like a Hubble telescope at sea,” said Rear Adm. Matthew L. Klunder, the Navy’s chief of naval research. “Literally, we’re able to get that kind of power and magnification.”

While there are definite advantages to having an actual laser on board a ship in the middle of the ocean in the always unstable Middle East region, the fact that the Pentagon took its own sweet time to approve the gun speaks for itself.

Then again, it could be a valuable asset to the military as each shot only costs the military 59 cents and the fact that it can withstand a sandstorm and be fully operational the next day. And obviously, it would only be used against a potential threat.

Check out the video of the freakishly huge laser gun. It surely makes first person shooter video games seem a bit too real.

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