How The Northeast Plans To Survive The Dreaded Snowstorm

This is said to be the worst snow storm in recent history of the northeast region.

Snow in new york

News of the looming snowstorm has caused somewhat chaos among the dwellers of the Northeast. The latest forecast reveals that snowfall could be more severe than previously expected.

Words like historic are being thrown around before a single flake falls.

Already deemed as the worst blizzard to ever hit the region, snowstorm "Juno" is expected to last 48 hours. During the complete white-out, at least 2 feet of snow is predicted to fall in New York, Boston and other cities in the region.

The entire states of Connecticut and Rhode Island are under blizzard warnings, along with the New York City metro area, Hartford, Providence, Boston and Portland, Maine. Warnings have also been issued from Atlantic City, N.J., to Eastport, Maine, a distance of 540 miles.

Keeping the severity of the storm into consideration, this is how people are preparing for it:

Hoarding Food Items:

Hoarding food items is, perhaps, the top-of-the-list act in any case of emergency – be it a scheduled black out or a natural disaster. Since the magnitude of the snowstorm has panicked people, they have set out to buy everything that they might need in case they get snowed in during the storm.

Result: Grocery stores are now empty.

Shutting Down Schools:

Local administrations have announced to shut down schools during the blizzard in an attempt to decrease the chances of students or teachers getting snowed in – or out.

Roads and Public Transit To Remain Closed:

Public transit and roads will remain closed, according to Andrew Cuomo, governor of the New York state. It’s a sensible step, seeing as it would also lower the number of road accidents that might occur due to slippery roads.

No More Air Travel:

Along with public commute system, airports are also to remain close during the blizzard. Frontier Airlines has announced that the passengers who were scheduled to fly on Jan. 26 and 27 will be refunded.

A few other airlines have also decided to make changes in their schedules due to the extreme weather condition. 

Additional Laborers and Snow Plows:

The transportation and sanitation departments have hired additional day laborers for shoveling, and salt spreaders ahead of the snowfall. Snowplows will also be deployed on city streets while another 4,200 plows from independent contractors are ready to be dispatched.

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