US Patriot Missile Unit Deploys In Poland, Russia Bristles

Polish and US officials unveiled on Wednesday the first battery of US surface-to-air Patriot-type missiles to be stationed on Polish soil, a move that has vexed Poland's communist-era master Russia."We regard the deployment of the Patriot system in Poland as an important step increasing our national security and in developing strategic cooperation with the United States," said Polish Defence Minister Bogdan Klich, whose country joined NATO in 1999 a decade after the communist bloc collapsed.Klich formally welcomed the 100-strong US unit that had arrived at a Polish army base in the northern town of Morag at the weekend, and viewed the three unarmed Patriot missile launchers which Polish troops will be trained to use."Your arrival here in Poland has two dimensions, political and symbolic. Politically, it's about Poland's security. And symbolically because on Polish soil, for the first time, US soldiers will be stationed long-term," he said.The unit, normally stationed in Kaiserslautern,