U.S. Pilot’s Selfies Could’ve Caused Fatal Plane Crash

A selfie may be the cause of this tragic accident. Lately, selfies are causing a lot of trouble around the world.

Pilot taking 'selfies' before fatal Colorado crash

Be it beauty pageant contestants photo-bombing each other and causing upheaval in their countries, or sports federations banning their players from taking selfies with female fans, these pictures  seem to be the center of one too many controversies.

Just recently, the National Transportation and Safety Board released the report of probable causes behind the May 31st, 2014 Colorado plane crash, and it turns out, the accident occurred because the pilot was busy taking ‘selfies’.

NTSB has been analyzing evidence from the crash and GoPro video recorded from the camera mounted on the plane’s windshield. The investigation led the board to believe that pilot was distracted during the flight as he was taking pictures of himself on his mobile phone.

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"Contributing to the accident was the pilot's distraction due to his cellphone use while maneuvering at low altitude," said NTSB in its report.

29-year-old pilot Amritpal Singh was maneuvering the unfortunate aircraft ‘Cessna 150K’ and only had one passenger on board. The plane crashed shortly after they took off from Front Range Airport in Adams County and the wreckage was found in a wheat field about a mile west of the airport.

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