US Police Killed More People In A Month Than England Did In 95 Years

It may be a surprising but British police do not, in general carry guns, and the numbers indicate that this is the best way for American police to go as well.

In the United States, police officers carry guns. That is such an obvious statement that it seems almost silly to point it out. Of course, police officers carry guns! How else are they supposed to protect citizens? Well, consider this example for just a moment.


In England, police officers do not carry guns. Yes, you read that right. They have special squads of officers that are specially trained to carry out missions with firearms, but the average cop is walking the streets with little more than his badge to protect him.

This fundamental difference between US and British police forces seems incredible, but here’s how it works in terms of numbers


Death Disparity 

The Independent reported on Friday that British police have killed just 51 people while carrying out their duty since 1920. In comparison, the United State police forces killed 78 people…in November.

The differences in the amount of lives taken by each police force are staggering. However, the real question is how many officers have died in each country. If guns are taking criminal lives but protecting police lives than perhaps they are worth it after all.


Is It Worth It? 

Unfortunately, once again, the numbers don’t work out in favor of an armed police force.

According to the British Role of Honor, 56 police officers have died in the line of duty in England. Conversely the National Law Officers Memorial fund reports that in the US there were 117 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2014 alone.

This is undoubtedly a combination of several factors, but the argument that arming police keeps them safer does seem to fall apart in light of these statistics.


Conclusion: A Time To Lay Down Arms?

There are too many guns in the United States and a debate has been raging for decades as to whether or not they should be removed.

For the most part the conversation has been relegated to the private citizen’s ability to procure firearms for themselves. However, with these shocking numbers in mind perhaps it is time to expand that debate to police officers as well.

Guns don’t seem to mean safety the way some people pretend that they do. The math is pointing towards the conclusion that fewer guns would make everyone safer. And at the end of the day isn’t that what we all want?

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