This Presidential Hopeful Promises War And Rotating First Ladies

Presidential hopefuls promise a lot in return for votes, but we bet no one has ever made a pledge quite like this one.

South Carolina senator and Republican presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham is promising his voters a “rotating first lady” if he makes it to the White House.

The 59-year-old unmarried senator is not concerned about not having a wife to step into the shoes of a first lady if the time comes.

“Well, I’ve got a sister,” he told Mail Online. "She could play that role if necessary.”

In case, his sister who is married and has a family as well as a career, can’t fit in the role in to her routine, he says don’t worry. “I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady.”

Well he’s got that sorted out, all right.

We do hope, however, he has better judgment about this than his rant likening Hillary Clinton to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

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If Graham does win the election, he would be the first bachelor in the White House after James Buchanan.

Some count the widower Woodrow Wilson as a bachelor president. However, Wilson remarried during his term in the office and so didn’t quite fall into the "bachelor president" category.

Graham also promises more interaction with Congress and members' families, socializing with them and getting to know them.

Despite his easy-going response to the lack of a wife, Graham is known to be a war hawk and an interventionist. He believes in taking action and is in favor of United States’ influence in international affairs.

“Don’t vote for me if you want to avoid going to war,” he recently said.

He is also known for his willingness to work with Democrats on issues like global warming, tax and immigration reforms. He is also a proponent of a more inclusive Republican Party.

“We agree that climate change is real and threatens our economy and national security. That is why we are advocating aggressive reductions in our emissions of the carbon gases that cause climate change,” Graham says in a New York Times op-ed that he co-authored with Secretary of State John Kerry.

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