US Tourist Couple Kidnapped In Yemen

Armed tribesmen in Yemen have kidnapped two American tourists about 45 miles west of the capital of Sana, the Los Angeles Times is reporting, based on other reports and word from Yemeni security officials. The man and woman, believed to be husband and wife, were traveling by car when they and their Yemeni driver were abducted, the Times reported. The Times reported that the tribesmen brought the group to a village and offered them food. The gunmen are demanding the release of a clansman who was arrested in a land dispute, the Times reported. The Yemen Observer identified the abductees as an American couple in their 30s who live in Dubai and who were visiting Yemen for the weekend. The clansman whose release the kidnappers want is a family member, the Yemeni news organization said. The couple was staying at a hotel in Sana, the Yemen Observer reported. They left the hotel to visit Manakhah when they were taken, the news organization said.