Joe Biden Gets Touchy-Feely With The New Defense Secretary’s Wife

Once again, Joe Biden proves he can be super creepy.

Joe Biden Gets A Bit Too Close To New Secretary Of Defense's Wife

The swearing-in ceremony of United States’ new Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was proceeding quite smoothly until Joe Biden decided to channel his inner “creepy uncle” and make things incredibly awkward by nuzzling Carter’s wife, Stephanie.

The White House cameras captured the moment when the U.S. vice president placed his hands on the woman’s shoulders while standing right behind her. He then proceeded to bend down and either whispered something in her ear or just got a whiff of her shampoo, neither of which seems too appropriate – or appealing for that matter.

Stephanie, meanwhile, (of course) looked visibly uncomfortable by Biden’s unwelcome advances but managed to maintain a straight face during the entire ceremony.

Joe Biden has a history of getting downright weird and creepy with females he comes into contact with, be it journalists, civilians or family members of his esteemed colleagues.

In a similar incident not too long ago, camera captured him leaning in a bit too close to Senator Chris Coons’ daughter Maggie Coon during a ceremonial reenactment swearing-in. Although the teenager later said she wasn’t upset, she clearly didn’t look thrilled to have Biden so close back then.

Vice President Joe Biden talks

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And then there was also the time when Biden cuddled up with a biker-girl and the photo went viral.

Vice President with woman

Don’t forget when he grabbed The Hill's White House reporter Amie Parnes’ waist during a Christmas party .

Joe Biden Gets Creepy AGAIN

This latest incident proves that White House should implement some kind of “hands-off” policy when it comes to the respected vice president.

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