USA Patriotism Is At A Low: See The Most & Least Patriotic States

Where do you think your state ranks on the index of 'MURICA? You may be surprised by some of the highest and lowest ranking places in the U.S.

The 4th of July is rapidly coming upon us, which means cookouts, fireworks and AMERICA, but just how excited are the inhabitants of the U.S.A about their beloved country?

It turns out that only a quarter of Americans still think their country is the best in the world. A poll by Wallethub showed that the number of Americans that said they thought the U.S. was the best was 28% in 2014, down from 38% in 2011.

However, some states bleed a little more red, white and blue than others. They also set out to see which states were the most patriotic and which states had a noticeable lack of apple pie and sparklers. The poll ranked all 50 states on how patriotic they are. So how does one measure patriotism?

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For the sake of science, “patriotism” was measured by military engagement (number of veterans and active military personal) and civic engagement (number of residents who voted in the 2012 presidential election, volunteer rate, peace corps volunteers, Google searches for American flags and civics education requirements).

Enough of the technical stuff, what were the results?

Top 5 Most Patriotic

1. Virginia

2. Washington

3. Colorado

4. Idaho

5. Alaska

Top 5 Least Patriotic

1. New York

2. New Jersey

3. Rhode Island

4. Utah

5. West Virginia

Check out this interactive map for the ranking of all of the states

Source: WalletHub

Other fun facts from the study include:

• Alaska has twice as many veterans per 100,000 people as New York

• Utah is the state with the most volunteers and it still ended up in the top least patriotic states.

• On average, red states scored just a little higher (24.1) in patriotism than blue states (26.7). 

So congratulations, Virginia. New York, go eat 10 hot dogs each in penance.

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Banner photo credit: Flickr/US Army

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