Utah Is Taking In Refugees, But With One Catch

Yet despite the liberal action against the Islamophobia to accept refugees, Utah will assign a police detective to monitor the refugees the state lets in.

Following the Paris terrorist attacks, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert was only one of eight governors to state he will be taking in refugees. Yet despite this liberal action against the Islamophobia, Utah will assign a police detective to monitor the refugees the state lets in.

The detective will help explain the U.S. legal processes to new immigrants but also watch for signs of radicalization.

"We know that ISIS is very effective right now at using social media and being able to reach out to individuals and try to convince them, 'If you can't come and joins us in the jihad, to go and act where you're at,'" Department of Public Safety Commissioner Keith Squires said.

The move comes in direct response to Herbert’s order to review U.S.’s vetting process of refugees.

''If this is what helps the community help feel safer and if it is also a way to help our refugees better understand the community they are moving to, it is a good opportunity for us,'' Danielle Stamos, a spokeswoman with Catholic Community Services in Utah, said.

 The supervision is meant as a proactive step for safety and deceptively veiled as assimilation rather than discrimination.

Yet no matter how friendly the new law enforcement official is, the action is still part of U.S.'s grave, divisive problem of fear mongering. While making irrational Americans feel more comfortable living with immigrants, the move simultaneously makes refugees unwelcome and more fearful of their new home. 

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