Man Shoves Girlfriend Into The Oven After Coating Her With Hot Sauce

The suspect allegedly “stomped and kicked” his girlfriend’s dog laying under the kitchen table as well.

Joseph Anthony Castellanos

A man from Sandy, Utah, has been arrested on charges of domestic violence after he allegedly brutally beat his girlfriend and held her against her will for four hours.

According to, Joseph Anthony Castellanos, 31, reportedly poured hot sauce on his girlfriend before attempting to fit her into the oven.

Authorities say the violence erupted on June 26 when Castellanos returned home from work in a bad mood because his girlfriend did not visit him that day.

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Castellanos is accused of punching the woman in the face a few times after which he urinated on her and stabbed her on the head with a kitchen knife and fork.

He also allegedly poured hot sauce and ranch dressing on her and attempted to shove her into the oven. It's not clear if the oven was on at the time. Fortunately, Castellanos only managed to get her feet inside before the victim escaped and called 911.

Reports also state that the suspect “stomped and kicked” his girlfriend’s dog.

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Castellanos faces multiple charges, including assault, kidnapping, cruelty to animals and intentional damage to property. 

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