UV Robot Kills Ebola!

This germ-zapper might be an effective weapon in the fight against Ebola.

Check it out! This R2D2 looking robot can perform cleaning miracles!

As the Ebola breakout tests global response, the answer to preventing the spread of the deadly virus in healthcare facilities might already be here. Using UV light, the Xenex system performs advanced environmental cleaning. (Sounds more feasible than using marijuana!) 

The robot already in use at St. Joseph Hospital in California and has the nickname Gigi.  The Xenex system has been repeatedly shown to integrate smoothly into hospital cleaning operations because of its speed and ease of use. It's can also stop the spread of other dangerous infections like MRSA. 

The system costs hundreds of thousands of dollars but hopefully the high price tag won't deter healthcare facilities. From the Xenex website:  

We provide financing options such as capital purchase and leasing programs.

It might be time to look at your personal investment portfolio and put your money behind this robot! 

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