Valentine’s Day Card Encloses Handwritten ‘Help Me’ Message From A Jailed Pakistani (PHOTO)

Now here’s a pretty weird Valentine’s story shared and highlighted by none other than a Redditor.

Now here’s a pretty weird Valentine’s story shared and highlighted by none other than a Redditor.

Reddit User wookiee_balls shared a post with an image on the famous microblogging website a few hours ago, entitled: Friend found this surprise in a sealed box of Valentine's Day cards. Creepy.

The photo he attached to the post was of a handwritten note that was found inside a sealed box of valentine cards. Check out the photo.


Redditors as usual jumped in and tried to solve the ambiguity behind the story. Some suggested that it’s a hoax and rest tried to made fun of the situation.

Bettabecheddahposted that this might just be a hoax: "What if this whole thing is an elaborate prank to get everyone to call his brother. 'LOL I am the funniest Khan brother, even when in jail.’”

But Redditorkarmasoul, who is also from Pakistan, claimed to have spoken to Mr. Khan's relative, apparently his brother.

Okay, just talked to the guy. Apparently, the person who is holed up in jail does exist. He is in the city of Kwanzo/Quanzo (sic) in China and is being held on some drug-related charges. The person I talked to was either a relative (father) of the person held in the Chinese prison.

The guy is aware of where Mr. Khan is, and is currently talking via Mr. Khan’s legal counsel in China, so at least there is some communication going on. The message on the card might have been written months ago, since Mr. Khan has been in for quite some time.

He also commentedthat:

The guy I talked to was very concerned about so many calls coming in. I explained why this was happening. Apparently, he is not too familiar with the "internet", so I had to explain the whole situation to him about the message on the card, the post on reddit, and people getting concerned and calling him constantly.

Another user ArsenalPLCalso confirmed that the story is true,

I live in Karachi Pakistan and just called the number. A man answered, i asked him if his name was Khan, he said it is ( Khan is almost always a surname ). I asked him if someone he knew was in China, he said his brother was. I asked him if he was in contact with his brother he replied he was. I asked him if his brother was in jail in China , he said he was due to a drug related case. I then hung up because i didn't want to be involved further in the matter. FML now this guy has my mobile number.

This might be the weirdest Valentines story ever! But Reddit is famous for bringing the weirdest of stuff to us, so this isn’t much surprising but still… you expect flower bouquets, gifts, rings and surprises on valentines, not any letter that makes you skeptical about the fact that if it’s even real.

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