This Iowa Town Is Raffling Off The Chance To Tase A City Official

The town is selling these tickets as a part of a public safety fundraiser, where the winner will get a chance to use police Taser on a city official.

A small town in Iowa is offering its residents a novel chance to let out their anger toward city officials by using a police Taser on them – all for the very low price of a $5 raffle ticket.

Van Meter, a town with 1,100 residents, is selling the tickets as part of a public safety fundraiser where the winner will get once in a lifetime chance to Taser City Administrator Jake Anderson or Councilman Bob Lacy at the Van Meter Fire Association Street Dance.

The officials will be Tased in the presence of a police officer – for, you know, security reasons.

“I volunteered to be Tased,” explains Anderson, stating that the idea came up during a meeting with the local police. “The joke was sort of, yeah, let's Tase the administrators. They make all the friends. I was like, yeah, that's funny. Do you think you could raise some money?”

However, since Anderson has never gone through the ordeal before, he imagines “it will hurt” and is glad that Lacy volunteered to add a little competition.

“I didn't want there to be a 100 percent chance I'd be Tased,” he added.

The proceeds from the event will go toward the police department to help purchase a second squad car, add speed radar and to possibly expand its six-member part-time and reserve force. The department also hopes to purchase Tasers once they've raised the desired amount.

As for the severity of the grand prize, Daggart says Tasers are not that dangerous, unless they are used on someone with a prior medical issue.

"Most officers will tell you they'd much rather be Tased than pepper sprayed. The effects are so short, and it doesn't burn," he added. "A Taser reduces suspect-officer physical confrontations immensely.”

Funnily enough, the raffle poster created by the Van Meter Police Department reads "It is Taser time" adding that citizens can "vote to Taser Jake or Bob,” while the bottom of the poster quotes "Don't Tase me bro" referencing to the Tasering of a University of Florida student during a forum with John Kerry in 2007.

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