Vandal Caught On Tape Defacing A Las Vegas Mosque With Raw Bacon

Surveillance footage captures a white vandal draping raw bacon around the doorknobs to the entrance of a Las Vegas mosque.

Surveillance video footage shows a white man wrapping the door handles of a Las Vegas mosque with raw bacon.

"The pork, the bacon it's forbidden which is haram in Islam to eat it or touch it," said local member of the Muslim community Ismaeel Almughrabe.

Congregants reportedly found the bacon on Sunday right before their early morning prayer.

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Las Vegas mosque

"I hope that in his conscience in his heart he feels ashamed of what he did," founding member of the mosque Rokai Yusufzai said.

Investigators are treating the incident as a hate crime, hoping to find the vandal responsible using the footage as an aid. 

It makes absolutely no sense why innocent Muslims are being punished for acts they have nothing to do with. 

Should the world blame all white people for Dylan Roof, George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, James Holmes or any other of the countless Caucasian domestic terrorists and murderers? 

There's no justification or logic whatsoever for these hateful acts against Muslims.

It's likely that the very people carrying out these hate crimes aren't even educated about the Islamic faith or ISIS, they've just taken on the herd mentality based on anti-Muslim rhetoric being spread around by other ignorant people. What a vicious cycle... 

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