Vandalism At Mizzou Proves Black Students Are Being Targeted

Vandals send a hateful message to black students by defacing a sign outside of the University of Missouri's Black Culture Center.

And the racial tension in Missouri continues as vandals defaced the University of Missouri’s Black Culture Center Thursday morning (Nov. 12).

The marquee outside of the campus building was spray painted to cover up the word “Black,” leaving only “Culture Center” visible. 

Perhaps, to send a message alluding to the elimination of blacks from the school. 

The vandalism followed a protest that was held by a group of black students outside the building just last night.

There have been several instances of racism on the university’s campus in the last few months, resulting in a campus hunger strike and quad camp-out demanding the resignation of the school’s president.

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Earlier this week the school’s president and chancellor both resigned and on Wednesday (Nov. 11) a white man was arrested who made threats against black students.

The Black Culture Center sign has been restored since the vandalism was originally discovered around 1:30 a.m.

But mind you, the issue here isn’t actually about the sign. The problem is the division between students of color and white students.

These petty, ignorant acts of racism are EXACTLY the reasons why issues have escalated so far. While black students are calling for change and better race relations on campus, white students are deliberately choosing not to be a part of the solution. 

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Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @MizzouLBC

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