Vatican Continues To Face Criticism Over Abuse Scandal

As the Vatican prepares for Easter Sunday the Catholic church faces accusations it did not do enough to stop sexual abuse of children by priests. People gathering in St. Peter's on Saturday suggested Pope Benedict might use Easter Mass to address the issue. "I think he (the Pope) should be more clear, he should speak about the Church and give his opinion, so I think things have to change," said Dutch tourist Andrew Wouters. Headlines in newspapers covered the story that has come perilously close to the pope, as victims demand answers on how he handled the cases before his election in 2005. A Milwaukee victim of a Wisconsin priest who was accused of sexually abusing as many as 200 boys at a Milwaukee school for the deaf said earlier in the week that Pope Benedict should be held accountable for doing nothing. Arthur Budzinski, a 61-year-old Milwaukee printer who is deaf, spoke through his daughter, Gigi, about how his "innocence stolen" by the accused abuser, Rev Lawrence Murphy.