Veterans Day In South Korea


Elected officials and other notables marked Veterans Day all around the world on Thursday, with President Obama making an appearance in South Korea and his wife, Michelle, surfacing in Germany.

Back in the states, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Representative John A. Boehner — who will likely be the top two in the presidential succession line come January — both appeared at Arlington National Cemetery to mark a day once called Armistice Day in the U.S. (Why? The armistice that halted World War I was signed on Nov. 11, 1918.)

Here, then, is a roundup of some of Thursday’s Veterans Day events:

– The president — speaking at an army base in Seoul, which he was visiting for a G-20 summit — called supporting veterans one of his highest priorities and gave special acknowledgments to Korean and American soldiers who fought in the Korean War roughly six decades ago.

“Each of these men served their nation with incredible courage and commitment,” Mr. Obama said of a group of Korean War veterans who had traveled to Seoul. “They left their homes and their families and risked their lives in what’s often been called ‘the forgotten war.’ So today, we all want you to know this: We remember. We remember your courage. We remember your sacrifice. And the legacy of your service lives on in a free and prosperous Republic of Korea.”

– At Arlington, Mr. Biden congratulated Mr. Boehner for his likely ascension to House speaker and signaled that he, the president and the “soon-to-be speaker” were fully committed to ensuring that veterans get the assistance they need.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our veterans’ strength must be matched by our nation’s support,” the vice president said at an event that was also attended by, among others, Eric Shinseki, a retired general and the secretary of veterans affairs.