Biden’s Selfie With ‘Pal’ Obama Creates A Fuss

Sameera Ehteram
Look who is catching up with times? None other than the Vice President of the United States Jo Biden has he shares with the world a selfie with none other than his ‘pal’ the President of USA Barack Obama.

Perks of being the POTUS’ right hand man.

The fact that these ‘pals’ are two of the most important men who are leading the strongest country in the world doesn’t dissuade them from doing what everyone is doing. Sitting in the President’s bad-ass limo nicknamed nick-named "the beast," the two may just be a couple of guys taking a selfie to share on social media.

This has to be the best thing to come out of White House’s decision not to ban presidential selfies after the David Oritz selfie fiasco.

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The Vice President joined Instagram just a day ago; and he did so in style:

Though his account only has 4 photos, he has over 41000 followers showing his Instagram account has the potential to be the next big thing in days to come.

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The response to the Vice President’s foray into the world of Instagram and selfies is getting mixed reactions ranging from “Cool” to “And to think these grinning idiots are in charge of a country.”

“I miss my aviators. Wish I could afford a pair, but fat cats like Joe Biden have sold out the american public to every other interest. Can't make enough to afford them anymore,” says a user referring to Biden’s first photo on Instagram.

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And this was bound to happen:

Hey, we say let up! They are people first and their positions later. Let two ‘pals’ live out their first selfie together.