VIDEO: Glenn Beck Responds To Obama's Win By Continuing To Be Insane

Glenn Beck--remember him?--is still crazy after all these years. In response to Obama's victory, the former Fox News madman offered dire predictions and recommended buying guns, farmland, and finding other people crazy enough to listen to him.

Glenn Beck, the man who was too wacko for Fox News, has an important message for all of us: Now that Barack Obama has won reelection, it is important that we all buy guns and farmland. Stay away from people who "just want FEMA to take care of" them (presumably Beck would have shot Hurricane Sandy). Get your kids out of public schools before they become socialists. And most importantly, respond to all questions--ALL QUESTIONS--by doing the hokey pokey.

Actually, he DIDN'T say one of those things! Can you guess which one? I'll give you a hint, it's not the least crazy thing I listed.

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