Video Shows Cop Shoot An Unarmed Man Climbing Out Of Car Wreckage

There will be no charges filed against the cop who was captured on dashcam casually shooting an unarmed DUI suspect as he was crawling out of his flipped vehicle.

Newly released dashcam footage of a police shooting in Paradise, CA on Thanksgiving shows an officer casually shoot an unarmed man multiple times while responding to the scene of a drunk driving accident.

The shooting has been ruled as “accidental” despite the video which shows Andrew Thomas — the driver of a flipped car — trying to pull himself out of the vehicle with no weapon in hand as the officer opens fire and then holsters his gun, all while calmly approaching the vehicle.

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#ICYMI: The family of a suspected drunken driver who was shot by a Paradise police officer released a statement Friday condemning the shooting and calling for justice.

Posted by Action News Now on Saturday, December 12, 2015

In the video, the officer can be heard describing the scene to dispatch and saying, "I've got a male in the car refusing to get out," right after he shot him.

Public outrage sparked by the decision not to file charges against the officer prompted District Attorney Mike Ramsey to speak out and explain why he came to that conclusion in addition to releasing a “Lay” version of his original report.

“Without being able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was a conscious, intentional, willful pulling of the trigger, there are no criminal charges that can be filed under California law for the negligent discharge of a weapon resulting in injury, no matter how horrible, as long as there is not a death,” Ramsey reportedly said. 

Although he's still alive, Thomas may be permanently paralyzed after being hit in the neck, according to Action News Now.

So, just because he survived an unnecessary gunshot wound the officer who had no apparent reason to even draw his weapon will not be charged?

It doesn’t quite add up, especially when you consider his radio call to the dispatch during which he didn't mention he shot the male who was "refusing" to get out of the car. 

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