Ray Rice And Janay Make Out In Elevator Just After Assault (Video)

Handcuffed and in tears, Janay snuggles Ray minutes after he had cold-cocked her in the elevator.

ABC News has obtained and uploaded a never-seen-before video of the notorious Ray Rice and his now-wife Janay Rice. The video shows the couple just after the domestic assault incident, when Ray punched his then fiancée unconscious in an elevator.

The 2-minute clip from the video shows a tearful Janay sitting at a safe distance from Ray, surrounded by hotel guards. The couple is then handcuffed and taken inside an elevator. While in the elevator, Janay apparently has a change of heart as she kisses and nuzzles the former NFL star. The couple was then moved to separate police vehicles.

Janay Rice has stated that she has not watched the full video, and has maintained that ‘what happened inside the elevator’, is ‘still foggy’ for her.

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The couple was arrested and charged with a count of assault each. Although the charge against Janay was dropped, Ray was vindicated on aggravated assault.

Janay Rice has continued to support her now-husband on every platform, even marrying her amid the ‘media storm’ that followed the assault.

If nothing else, the video proves that love can be a thousand different things. But not rational, never rational.

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