Shocking Video Shows Thieves Use A Baby In Armed Robbery

A trio of thieves in Argentina take "bring your kid to work day" to a new level by using an infant in an armed robbery.

What has to go through a person’s mind to think it’s a good idea to carry out an armed robbery with a BABY on your hip?!

A shameless gang of robbers raided a shop in Argentina — just outside of Buenos Aires — to steal designer clothes and shoes, but apparently they couldn’t find a babysitter to watch their kid in the meantime because they brought him along for the ride.

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A “couple” entered the store with the baby, appearing to be shoppers. After engaging with the store owner, it seems the family is going to leave until the man hands the baby over to the mom and then pulls out a gun.

The baby, not even old enough to walk yet, had no idea what was taking place ... but that is not even the point. It is dangerous, stupid, and disgraceful to use an innocent child (an infant, at that!) to execute an armed robbery. 

"Baby" and "armed robbery" don't even belong in a sentence together!

The video footage obtained by CCTV shows another male robber enter the store as the first guy grabs the store owner by the throat and throws him to the ground. While the male gang members continue attacking the owner, the female accomplice leaves with the baby.

The woman eventually returned in a getaway car, with the baby still in tow. She went back inside to gather the troops, but not before sitting her baby on the floor to aimlessly crawl around while she stole some items for herself.

"One look at the video and if you are a parent, you get goosebumps,” the store owner, Marcelo Taraborrelli reportedly said. “How can you do that with a baby, beyond what they did to me – I cannot believe it."

You aren't the only one, Mr. Taraborrelli. As much as we feel for the pain you suffered and the loss of merchandise, this whole baby curve-ball adds a whole new, disturbing meaning to "bring your kid to work day." 

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