Villaricca Volcano In Chile Erupted This Morning

People in southern Chile were ordered to evacuate as quickly as possible.

Villaricca Volcano In Chile

A volcano just erupted in Chile this morning, and people living within the volcano's reach have been ordered to evacuate.

The Villaricca Volcano is 9,000 feet high and lies in Chile's central valley. It has been recognized as one of the most active volcanoes in South America. 

This is not the first time Villaricca has erupted-the last time was in the 1980's. The volcano is a popular place for tourists to hike and admire the beauty. 

Of course, no can possibly know when a volcano is going to erupt, and it was a bit of a shock this morning at 3 am local time this morning when the eruption happened . An orange alert was quickly issued to let people know what was happening.

Villarrica Volcano Erupts in Chile

As Villaricca erupted, smoked and ash spewed into the air, and hot lava slid down the side of the volcano. This prompted authorities to quickly evacuate thousands of people living nearby the volcano, something Chile certainly has had a lot of experience with over the years.

The Villaricca volcano is just one of thousands existing in Chile, with 90 of them still active. 

Despite the dangers a volcanic eruption can present, at the moment it seems pretty safe, and no extensive damage has taken place.

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