Watch The Emergency Landing Of A Virgin Atlantic Flight From The Inside

Luckily, flight VS43 had a hot shot pilot who knew how to pull off an emergency landing.

Flight VS43, a Virgin Atlantic plane scheduled to fly to Las Vegas, was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport in Gatwick, UK, due to problems with its landing gear.

Luckily, for its 447 passengers, the crew piloted the plane safely to the ground.

After taking off from Sussex, the pilot turned the plane around, reportedly dumping fuel into the sea in order to avoid a fire and drop weight, to make an emergency landing at another airport when it became clear that the plane had technical problems with its landing gear.

Evidently, one of the wheels would have had a problem descending, making landing problematic for the Boeing 747. Fortunately, the pilot realized this and never even left British airspace.

It circled the Gatwick control tower twice, flying at a very low altitude for air traffic controllers to evaluate the plane’s gear with binoculars.

The video above captures one traveler's experience as the pilot of the plane instructs the passengers to prepare themselves in a brace position. While many passengers understandably got hit with a wave of nerves, many others have also appreciated the way in which this emergency landing was handled.

"Thank God they knew what they were doing,” one relieved passenger said.

A spokesman for Gatwick airport said that all the passengers had, for the most part, disembarked the plane safely; “some minor injuries” had been reported.

The news of this smooth emergency landing comes at a time when people are already nervous flyers due to the recent AirAsia plane that went missing, and at the end of the year of the traumatic story of the tragic Malaysian Air flight MH370.

Thankfully, all’s well that ends well for these passengers and their loved ones.

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