5 Stupid Things Airline Passengers Should Avoid Doing At Any Cost

April 25, 2014: Do not try to hijack a plane, especially with a Toblerone bar.

airlines hijack

On Friday, a heavily intoxicated passenger attempted to break into the cockpit of a Virgin Australia plane, which was traveling from Brisbane to Bali, Indonesia.

The incident caused the pilot of the plane to make a "hijack call”.

Authorities identified the man as Matt Christopher, a 28-year-old from Australia and he has reportedly been arrested and no one on the airplane was harmed.

Bali's Depasar International Airport was temporarily closed and flights were diverted to other airports.

The shocking news is just one of the many incidents that have emerged lately about people in mid-air doing the most bizarre and unthinkable things to get themselves into trouble.

Here are some useful tips for airline passengers to avoid getting arrested, fired or killed.

Instruction Number 1: Do not tweet bomb and/or terrorist jokes – ever

airlines hijack

On April 13, a 14-year-old Dutch Twitter user “queendemetriax”, pretending to be a member of the notorious terrorist group al-Qaeda, tweeted to American Airlines that she planned on “do something big” on June 1.

The controversial post, which was essentially meant to be a joke, was shared several times before it drew the attention of the airline authorities, who eventually got the teen detained on the following day in Rotterdam.

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Instruction Number 2: Or racist puns, you will definitely lose your job

airlines hijack

In December last year, Justine Sacco, a PR executive at a powerful tech firm, got fired after she posted an incredibly racist tweet about the African community before boarding a flight to – get this – Africa.

By the time she got off the plane, the woman found out she was “trending” and being mob-lynched on Twitter.

The very next day, Sacco’s employers, tech and media company “InterActiveCorp”, announced they had "parted ways" with her.

Instruction Number 4: Do not try to jump out of a plane, please

Airlines flight

Earlier this month,a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Sacramento made an emergency landing after a passenger tried to jump out through a rear emergency exit door.

The plane was diverted to Omaha, Nebraska, so that 23-year-old Joshua Carl Suggs could be removed from the plane.

He was later charged with interfering with the crew.

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Instruction Number 4: You DO NOT want to be a stowaway because you want to live

Airlines flight

Over the weekend, a U.S. teenage boy named Yahya Abdi who ran away from home survived a five-hour flight in the freezing wheel well of a jetliner that reached 38,000 feet as it traveled from California to Hawaii.

A Hawaiian Airlines spokeswoman said the boy was "exceptionally lucky to have survived".

Instruction Number 5: Do not threaten and/or attempt to hijack a plane with “Toblerone” bar:


A 23-year-old man identified as Oskari Manselius from Finland attemptedto 'hijack' a plane on February 14, 2014, with a Toblerone chocolate bar – which according to sources – he was wielding like a sword.

He demanded to be taken to Sochi so he could watch the Winter Olympics.

Manselius also made a false bomb threat on the Cathay Pacific flight from Amsterdam to Hong and said he was robbing the plane, airline staff said.

The nutcase was charged with disorderly conduct and his case is currently being heard in a Hong Kong court.

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