Vladimir Super Putin Scores 8 Goals In Hockey Game Against Former Pros

And before you ask it, no, his goals were all legit and not staged at all.

Russia's Putin scores 8 goals in game with NHL veterans

We don't feel there is any need to highlight how athletic and macho Russian president Vladimir Putin is. The whole world knows it that the man is a beast in sambo, judo, karate and swimming, but what we didn't know was that he is pretty competitive in ice hockey too.

How competitive? Well, he scored eight goals in a recent exhibition hockey match in Sochi featuring a bunch of former NHL players, so yes, he can hold his own on the rink too. He singlehandedly outscored the other side as his team won 18-6.

Of course, hockey legends Pavel Bure and Valeri Kamensky were on his side and they did assist him on some of his goals, but the 62-year-old didn't seem out of place sharing the field with them.

It's remarkable really because Putin only started learning skating and hockey in 2011 after meeting the Russia men's national junior ice hockey team. In four years since, Vova has gotten so good with the hockey stick he is slamming goals for fun against former pros.

If only his political prowess matched his sporting ability.

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