Some Voting Machines Didn’t Want People To Vote For Democrats

Was it calibration error or foul play? Several voters during the mid-term elections on Tuesday found it rather difficult to vote for Democrats.

Voting machines

As it turns out, this was not because they were having second thoughts, but because the voting machines inexplicably changing their votes to Republican ones.

The election officials of Guilford County, North Carolina – a Democratic stronghold – received around 14 complaints since early voting began on October 23, according to News & Record.

Last week, Percy Bostick of Greensboro had to make four attempts before his vote for Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate was properly recorded.

“I called one of the poll workers over,” Bostick explained. “She said do it again. And again, I touched the screen at the proper place for Kay Hagan, and it again reported it for [GOP candidate] Thom Tillis.”

After the faulty device was removed, another voter experienced the same problem with their vote going to Tillis while using a machine at the Craft Recreation Center.

While the Democratic Party suspected foul play in North Carolina, Illinois Republicans accused voting officials of fraud after a bug described as a "calibration error" was captured on camera.

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Apart from North Carolina and Illinois, equipment errors caused delayed voting in several other states.

“Nearly 15,000 calls had come in to the group from voters across the country reporting problems as of 5 p.m. EST, up from fewer than 13,000 such calls on election day in 2010. Many of those were from people reporting voter ID issues,” a Reuters report cited a spokesman for Election Protection, a nonpartisan voting rights group.

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