Walmart Fires Woman For Saving Dog From Hot Car

A Walmart worker was fired for trying to rescue a customer’s dog from a hot car.

A Walmart worker was fired for trying to rescue a customer’s dog from a hot car. Carla Cheney, a Walmart employee in Kemptville, Ontario, noticed a customer had left his dog in his car with the windows only cracked about an inch. The man had previously left the windows down, but the pooch jumped out to follow him, prompting the man to roll his windows almost all the way up before going shopping on a hot day. Cheney waited about ten minutes, and then called the police. The man got angry with her, told Cheney that what he does with his dog is none of her business, and Cheney was fired for being rude to a customer.

Who was in the right? It’s hard to say. We don’t know how hot it was in that parking lot, how much danger the dog was in, and how long the man was going to take shopping. It’s a dubious move for Walmart, however, which has gotten a series of bad headlines regarding how the country’s largest retailer treats its employees. Walmart has threatened to cancel construction on three Washington D.C. stores if the nation’s capital goes ahead with a raise to its minimum wage. Walmart has also allegedly been firing employees who are fighting for more rights.

Bad publicity is nothing new for Walmart, which has fought wage increases and worker protections wherever it can. The giant corporation is not afraid to throw its weight around, and as long as people keep shopping there, they have no financial reason to stop.

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